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Elevating Christian women in business.


Empowering Visionaries, Cultivating Success, and Enriching Communities.

redefining how virtual assistants work.

SErve. Empower. Elevate.

You are wearing multiple hats, doing all the things. You’re ready to scale, but delegating is hard. I understand!

And I SEE you!

That’s why I believe in consciously curating services that work for you.
Your business is set apart from others-
and our services reflect your uniqueness…

What sets us apart?  It’s how I approach things in my daily life that I have implemented in the Office Boutique Co.:

Serve. We strive to prioritize your needs, to serve you as you with unwavering dedication and excellence.

Empower. We strive to empower each client to use the gifts God has bestowed on them so they can serve their clients.

Elevate. We strive to elevate God and honor Him through our collaborative work.

What does it mean to be

a virtual assistant?

Why a virtual assistant?

Being a virtual assistant allows me to home in on my spirtual gifts I am blessed with to serve and support your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Romans 12:6-8 reminds us that we all have different gifts according to the grace given us, and using these gifts to their fullest can elevate your business to new heights.

Hiring a virtual assistant not only brings in specialized skills but also creates more time for you to nurture your passion and creativity.

In today’s ever-changing world, the right support can make all the difference in maintaining rhythm and achieving your goals.

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Whether you’re just starting your business or ready to scale, the Office Boutique works with you on setting your business up for access!


I work afterhours so you don’t have to! I can work through your punch list, create simple content, or tidy up some adminsitrative work that makes you want a never-ending coffee break!

The Weekender

You do not want to spend your weekend working… so don’t! With the Weekender, I will spend between six to eight hours soley dedicated to your business, working through what is important to you so once Monday arrives, you can get right to work!

The Temp

Not quite ready to hire a Virtual Assistant, but have a large project looming? Maybe you’re getting ready to launch that course you’ve been working on. With The Temp, I will work alongside you for a short time and cheer you on in the process!

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